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    Why mokshaa?

    • Mokshaa strives to attain relief from medical condition's disabilities and pain and hopes to deliver effective results and improve overall quality of life.
    • Mokshaa has a laboratory and diagnosis facility along with diet and canteen facility.
    • Mokshaa provides an integrated approach with ayurveda and allopathic rehabilitation.
    • Mokshaa has all rehabilitation specialised therapists at one roof.
    • Mokshaa provides interdisciplinary rehabilitation with physiotherapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy with international high end technology which support speedy recovery.
    • Ayurveda rehabilitation strives to attain Mokshaa from pain, neurological disorders, musculoskeletal and sports injury, metabolic disorders, renal problems and also for weight loss.
    • At Mokshaa Rehabilitation team works with Neurological disorders, musculoskeletal and sports injury, paediatric conditions, pain and ergonomic conditions, dysphagia problems, voice and stuttering issues, speech and language conditions.

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    Aphasia is a condition in when an individual has difficulty in language or speech. Their ability to communicate is partially or completely affected due to

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    Although running appears to be a simple sport in theory, it is a challenging activity to master. Optimal running performance is based on very specific

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