Speech Therapy​ at Mokshaa

Our skilled speech therapists assess, diagnose, and treat speech and communication problems, including articulation, fluency, and resonance issues. We also use advanced evidence-based techniques for recovery from receptive, expressive, and cognitive language problems.

Standard Protocol

We use standardized assessment protocols and evidence-based practices to arrive at a diagnosis to start the therapeutic management which improve the life quality.

Cutting edge Technology

Fluoroscopic and endoscopic and acoustic technologies are used when necessary in order to have an in-depth understanding of a problems.

Evidence based

Standardised treatment protocols and evidence based practices are used to treat the disorders by experienced and certified therapists in order to achieve functional communication skills.

Our Facilities

How does Mokshaa supports you?

• With a series of techniques we can help with articulation disorders, stammering, and dysarthria

• We offer language therapy for neuro atypical development, such as ASD, ADHD, etc

• Our experts can help with swallowing disorders due to neurological problems, such as stroke, TBI, etc

• We help reestablish confidence with speech therapy for voice disorders seen in teachers, singers, and other similar professions

• We also use speech therapy to improve cognitive skills, such as memory, verbal problem-solving reasoning, and more

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