What we provide:

● Integrated approach to rehabilitation including Ayurveda & Allopathy.
● Consultation and treatment by highly qualified and experienced doctors and rehabilitation clinicians under one roof
●  A unique combination of treatment protocols involving high end technology, highly trained therapists and evidence based treatment protocol

Outpatient Service:
● Neuro Physiotherapy
● Pain & Ergonomics Clinic
● Neuro Occupational Therapy
● Musculoskeletal Occupational Therapy
● Paediatric Occupational Therapy
● Splint & Adaptive Devices
● Musculoskeletal & Sports Physiotherapy
● Neuro Speech, LanguageTherapy
● Paediatric Speech & Language Therapy
● Dysphagia Therapy
● Voice & Stuttering Therapy
● Ayurveda Therapy for Pain
● Ayurveda Therapy for Neurological Disorders
● Ayurveda Therapy for Musculoskeletal & Sports Injury
● Ayurveda Therapy for Metabolic Disorders
● Ayurveda Therapy for Weight Loss Problems
● Ayurveda Therapy for Renal & Nephrological Disorders
● Ayurveda for Gynecologic Disorders
● Naturopathy
● Acupuncture & Chiropractice

In-Patient Services:
● Mokshaa from Pain & Ergonomic Injuries
● Mokshaa from Musculoskeletal & Sports Injuries
● Mokshaa from Physical Disability due to Neurological Disorders
● Mokshaa from Limitations in Performing Activities of Daily Life
● Mokshaa from Communication Disability & Swallowing Disability
● Mokshaa from Physiological, Metabolically, Neural & Musculoskeletal Disorders
● Mokshaa from Disabilities with High End Technologies

Our In-Patient Facilities
● 24 hours Nursing Care
● Integrated approach of Ayurveda & Allopathic rehabilitation
● Technologically advanced equipments to increase efficiency & increase the speed of recovery
● Opportunity for consultation with leading Ayurveda & Allopathic consultants under one roof
● Laboratory and diagnostics facility
● On call doctor present all the time
● Pharmacy facilities

Pain & Ergonomic Injuries & Musculoskeletal Injuries Services provided
● Ergonomic Adjustment
● Postural Retraining
● Pain Management
● Muscle Stretching
● Muscle Strengthening
● Soft Tissue Release
● Joint Mobilisation
● Sports Massage
● Sports Rehabilitation
● Injury Prevention
● Traditional, Contemporary & Advanced Technologies

Why Mokshaa for Musculoskeletal, Pain & Ergonomic Injuries:
Advanced technique of cryo-kinetics for effective relief. Graded activation of muscles with application of cold resulting in manifold faster therapy effects.
Advanced photon therapy for biostimulation and activation of cellular repairs, which heals, repairs and accelerates the process of repair of muscles as well as tendon by unique multiple wavelength therapy.
Advanced mechanical frequency therapy to address the myofascial trigger points, deep seated pain to relieve a variety of chronic conditions as well as certain post operative circumstances.

Physical Disabilities & Neurological Disorder Services provided
● Gait Training
● Virtual Reality Training
● Biofeedback Training
● Compensatory Training
● Proprioceptive Training
● Task Oriented Training Technique.
● Neurodynamic Technique
● Balance Training
● Coordination Training
● Vestibular Training
● Motor Control & Motor Relearning Technique

Technologies at Mokshaa for Physical Disabilities due to Neurological Disorder:
Gait training with advanced setup and appropriate exercise with consistent training, gait rehabilitation is a boon for many individuals who dream to walk.
Biofeedback is used to evaluate and to retrain neuro-muscular coordination, active strengthening and endurance building, and to develop fine-motor skills.
Clinimetric Balance System to evaluate the balance control status of patients – evaluate and train the static and dynamic balance, coordination, reaction time, proprioception, active strengthening with interactive augmented reality games. With advanced software assessment reports are useful to track the patient’s progress.

Limitations in Performing Activities of Daily Life
● Functional Mobility Training
● ADL Training
● IADL Training
● Cognitive Functional Rehabilitation
● Sensory Reeducation
● Balance & Coordination
● Hand Therapy
● Splint & Adaptation Device
● Vocational Rehabilitation
● Handwriting Training

Technologies used for Mokshaa from limitations in performing activities of daily life
With the help of Augmented reality using contemporary technology in connecting the hand through electronics to software a comprehensive rehabilitation is provided.The increasing difficulty and scoring keeps the patient involved, motivated and elicits compliance. This helps the patient in awareness of their abilities, track improvement, interactive games that cleverly makes the patient use their cognition, fine and gross motor skill, channelling their energy to strengthen and build endurance to perform activities of daily living.
Workstation for upper extremity rehabilitation helps patients to restore their lost movements and functions of their upper limb by training. Brain injury and spinal cord injury, musculoskeletal injuries, and many other condition’s lack sensory,
motor and cognitive skills, which will be trained with this workstation.
ADL training board gives an opportunity for the patients to get training with selfcare like bathing, dressing, grooming, house management and many other according to patient’s felt needs.

Communication Disability & Swallowing Disability

Services provided
● Voice Therapy
● Articulation Therapy
● Fluency Therapy
● Dysarthria Therapy
● Aphasia Therapy
● Dysphagia Therapy
● Laryngectomy / Mandibulectomy / Glossectomy Dysphagia Therapy
● Pediatric Speech & Language Therapy

Technologies for Mokshaa from communication disability & Swallowing disability:
Flexible endoscopic evaluation of swallowing is an objective assessment procedure to establish and assess the swallow of an individual , with visual and auditory feedback. It also provides feedback regarding how safe their swallow is. Neuromuscular electrical stimulation of muscles of swallowing, is a certified treatment protocol, which enables the affected muscles to swallow, by stimulating them, strengthening them and enabling them for a safe swallow.

Physiological, Metabolic, Neural & Musculoskeletal Disorders
Ayurveda clinic at Mokshaa employs a special protocol involving high touch and high care by highly trained and certified Ayurveda therapists for a faster & more holistic recovery of body & mind. Ayurveda is based on the principle of maintaining a balance between the interrelated relationships within the body and mind along with living in an intimate relationship with nature.

Services provided
● Ayurveda Therapy for Metabolic Disorder
● Ayurveda Therapy for Weight Loss
● Ayurveda Therapy for Neurological Disorders
● Ayurveda Therapy for Diabetes
● Ayurveda Therapy for Renal and Nephrological Disorders
● Ayurveda for Gynecologic Disorders
● Ayurveda Therapy for Pain
● Ayurveda Therapy for Musculoskeletal & Sports Injury