Occupational Therapy at Mokshaa

Occupational therapists aid the client in improving their quality of life to live independently, so they can be self-reliant as they were before their life-changing experience. Therapy is framed with need-based functional tasks with advanced equipment and manual techniques. This brings about functional changes in patients' abilities and overall prognosis in their activities of daily living.


Patient-centred and task-specific rehabilitation to overcome daily challenges due to neurological concerns.


Restoring function in bones, relieving pain, and assisting patients to gain
increased mobility.

Pediatrics conditions

Helping our little patients with common personality diagnoses and
birth injuries.

How does Mokshaa support you?

● Training activities of daily living
● Work simulation which helps return back to work 
● Teaching compensatory mechanisms
● Prescribing and educating adaptive devices 
● Prescribing or fabricating custom hand splints 
● Planning and executing home modification
● Awareness and education to family members
● Hand rehabilitation
● Community integration

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