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Condition we treat


Our Speciality


An alternative system of medicine deeply-rooted in Indian culture
The use of massage, heat treatments, and movement to refine mobility, function, and well-being

Occupational therapy

The use of everyday activities to improve physical, sensory, or cognitive problems

Speech therapy

An intervention service used to treat language and speech disorders

Why Mokshaa

Specialised Therapists and Doctors

With a diverse team of experts in various fields of rehabilitation, Mokshaa can be a trusted companion for different kinds of health concerns

Rehabilitation centre

At Mokshaa, we offer rehabilitation services for neurological disorders, musculoskeletal and sports injuries, paediatric conditions, pain and ergonomic conditions, dysphagia problems, voice and stuttering issues, as well as other speech and language conditions

Latest Technology and Approaches

The world is evolving and so are we! We stay abreast with reforms in medicine and science and provide our customers with the latest treatments

Wholesome Care

Our patients get extensive care with physical, mental, as well as social support

Success Stories

We are always rooting for our patients to get better and succeed at every big and small health hurdle in life

Effective Diagnosis

At Mokshaa, we have a state-of-the-art laboratory and diagnosis facility. After all, it’s the diagnosis that puts the wheel in motion

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