Ayurvedic Consultation & Treatment at Mokshaa

An alternative yet effective medicine system, Ayurveda uses traditional medicine to treat health disorders and encourage overall health and wellbeing.


Purva (first) and Karma (action) is the primary stage. It prepares the body by releasing toxins and rejuvenating it.

Ama Pachana

Ama Pachana uses herbal concoctions to purify the ama (undigested metabolic waste) in the body.


Rukshana removes excessive body fluids, fat, or oiliness in the body caused due to overnutrition and obesity.


Swedana uses steam therapy to eliminate toxins, improve joint mobility, lower stress, and relax muscles.

How does mokshaa support you?
  • We provide Ayurvedic treatments for allergic reactions, autoimmune disorders, infertility, and more
  • We offer special services like Rasayanachikitsa (rejuvenation) and Vajikaranachikitsa (aphrodisiac)
  • We follow a holistic approach to wellness with pain management and reduction
  • Our experts can help with recovery from neuro, renal, and cardiac disorders, and more

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